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Data Management: The Tenet of Manufacturing post Covid Era

The enterprise IT landscape is going through a digital transformation as it shifts from handcrafted, single purpose data center designs to new technologies that deliver agility, scalability, and greater efficiency. The hybrid cloud relies on the availability and resiliency of data. Enterprises require a complete data protection solution that is reliable, flexible, and easy to [...]

The Data Sessions Accelerating Business value through data and analytics

Overview BFSI stands for the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sector. Fundamentally, it represents a major portion of the multi-billion-dollar Indian economy comprising all Banking, Insurance, and Non-Banking Financial Institutions. The latter is known as the NBFCs. Also, the BFSI industry largely refers to financial service firms such as Broking, and Asset Management. India, as [...]

Get Started with Hyperautomation: Pivot with AI-Driven RPA Tools

Are repetitive, low-value tasks such as validating, copying, and pasting across multiple systems consuming your employees’ time? You can free your employees to focus on higher-value work by automating repetitive, routine tasks with robotic process automation (RPA). With recognized benefits like accelerated time to value, reduced human error, and increase throughput, RPA is projected to [...]

Achieve Process Automation not in days or months but minutes

With the Covid19 crisis severely impacting businesses globally, bringing digitalization to the front and center of everything enterprises do, has become more important. Digital transformation has brought forth a paradigm shift in terms of what it means to conduct business as usual. As organizations strive to deliver a superior customer experience with innovative solutions at [...]

Digital Workplace in the ERA of Covid-19

The Covid-19 coronavirus is becoming the accelerator for one of the greatest workplace transformations of our lifetime. How we work, communicate, and of course, where we work, will be changed forever! This strong wave of disruption will teach a big lesson and will change our perspectives forever. From business models to people's strategy to the [...]

Get Modernisation Rolling – Move from Monolithic to Microservices with Mono2Micro

Modernisation is hard, but COVID-19 has highlighted numerous case stories that focus on why modernisation is a necessity to survive disruption and win in the new digital market. Companies need strong, personalised guidance to plan modernisation strategically, provide cost savings to the organisation, ability to maximise ROI, and reduce risk. We know that the best [...]

Recognizing Digital Marketing’s Best Kept Secret: Digital Fraud

The year 2020 would leave an indelible mark in our minds, thanks to the Covid Crisis. Whether it was lockdown or unlocking India Inc, every experience was different this year. Keeping in mind the fact that every economy and organization is contemplating a smoother strategy for riding the next growth bandwagon in the post-Covid world, [...]

Rewiring human capital – reimagining roles in the manufacturing sector

Overview Rising unemployment, hunger, malnutrition, poverty and deaths – the Coronavirus pandemic has showed us a dystopian side of life on earth that we could have not imagined easily. But businesses and business leaders have responded to the global health crisis by broadening the horizon of what was possible, and this has caused a paradigm [...]

Modernize Data Storage with an Enterprise Grade Cloud Object Storage

IDC estimates that unstructured data is likely to represent as much as 80% of all data worldwide by 2025. Enterprises are finding it increasingly challenging, to efficiently and affordably store and manage this data deluge. Businesses that recognize storage as a strategic investment, are demanding more out of their storage systems such as control, performance, [...]

Delivering a Better CX with Customer Journey Mapping and Analytics

Delivering a Better CX with Customer Journey Mapping and Analytics Your customers are comparing you with the best customer experience they’ve ever had—every time. As consumers, they want brands to consistently treat them as if they know them and are aware of their likes and dislikes, regardless of the time, place, or the setting. On [...]

AI Driven Enterprise- Networks of the Next Decade

With each passing day, the enterprise networks are growing at a rapid pace on account of the vast programmability of devices and flexibility in their configuration. According to a report by Grand View Research, Inc, the global enterprise networking market is expected to reach USD 64.63 billion by 2021, growing at a rate of 61%. [...]

Path to prosperity: Understanding personal finances this Diwali

10th November 2020 | 04.00 PM – 05:30 PM IST Diwali is the time to declutter our homes as we prepare to invite prosperity in the new year. On this auspicious occasion, allow us to ring a positive note by saying that humankind has always thrived in the wake of a great crisis. History bears [...]

Road Map for Business Continuity in Pharma

The Indian pharma sector is the third largest in the world. It manufactures almost 60 per cent of the vaccines used globally, including important ones, such as those against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis required by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Furthermore, the country meets 90 per cent of the global demand for the vaccine against [...]

Unified Communications-The Fulcrum for Modern Workplace!

Accelerated by COVID-19, remote working model, once a rarity for a few, is here to stay. It is quickly becoming a defining feature of our modern times. In fact, remote working is an enlightened way to work in its own right; learning how to manage a remote organization can create lasting benefits for your business—with [...]

Twin Engines for Success- Talent and Technology

Digital transformation is fundamentally impacting everyday world and the CHRO is no different. In today’s work culture, every aspect has a technology element attached to it. Organizations are becoming more efficient and the efficiency of all our employees goes up by leaps and bounds by expanding and enhancing IT capabilities for their own employees, leading [...]

The Greatest Reset – Driving financial results through the Supply Chain

For ages, we’ve been witnessing epidemics and crises but the rapid global phenomenon of COVID-19 and its fallout has left business sales and revenues plunge, or in some cases, zeroed with no industry being spared. As we are reviving back from the pandemic and adapting the new normal, more and more companies are competing primarily [...]

How to migrate from legacy ERP to cloud successfully – HR Tech Agenda

Cloud is imperative when it comes to not just modernizing the IT environment, but also people function for a complete digital transformation. Cloud-based computing and storage platforms offer manifold advantages over conventional on-premise systems, from lower operating costs to better compatibility with the working styles of digital enterprises. In addition, cloud offers improved security, reduced [...]

Digital Finance – Preparing companies for the new normal

Overview The Coronavirus pandemic has showed us a dystopian side of life on earth that we could have not imagined easily. One does not need to be a clairvoyant to see how we are struggling to maintain balance between a life-threatening disease and living a normal life. Similarly, many businesses are facing challenges daily and [...]

Network Visibility Architecture – No more a luxury but a necessity!

Overview: The expression ‘network visibility’ has been in the networking space for a long time yet has never been as significant as it is today. More mobile devices are now connecting to more data from more sources - regardless of whether virtualization, the cloud or IoT. In such an environment, understanding what visibility absolutely means [...]

Digital Dexterity – Building business resilience against future shocks

Overview The Indian economy, according to a Reuters poll, contracted by 20% in the last quarter, the first double-digit fall since the mid-90s. Rising unemployment, hunger, malnutrition, poverty and deaths – the Coronavirus pandemic has showed us a dystopian side of life on earth that we could have not imagined easily. One does not need [...]

Leading the Change – Breaking Barriers of Conventional Leadership

Wise judgment and effective decision-making have always been essential skills for leaders across all professional settings. The business leaders of the 21st Century have undergone major upheavals. Whether it’s the dotcom bubble, 2008-09 recession triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, or the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the leaders confronted different forms of crisis at various [...]

The Economic Times Unwired Transformation In Banking-2.0

Capitalizing on Transaction Banking The pandemic has pushed banks to transform their business models and reinvent themselves. Digital adaptation started off as an option but has changed into a requirement in every bank’s agenda as end consumers, businesses, and governments are quickly adopting trends cascading from the technology sector in their tech capabilities, operations and [...]

The Economic Times Money Gurukul – Financial well-being & emotional well-being

23rd October 2020 | 11.00 AM – 12:00 PM IST Financial well-being is a state of healthy living through the active pursuit of financial knowledge, planning and goal setting to live your best life.  It’s holistic approach to money and living. Whereas emotional well-being is you are able to manage your thoughts , feelings and [...]

Driving Business Transformation Through AI: Can your Data be Trusted?

To meet the complexity of global challenges during uncertain times, data agility is critical to maintain a competitive advantage in the market. As businesses start to scale the use of AI as a transformative power to innovate and be more efficient, they have to manage the risks that come with it. Almost 89% of businesses [...]

Leveraging & Protecting Data Capital

Today, we are sitting on a mammoth amount of data or golden asset. According to IDC, by 2025, the worldwide data will grow 61% to 175 zettabytes from 33 zettabytes, with as much of the data residing in the cloud as in data centres. An organization’s value is defined not just by their market capital, [...]

3D’s in Financial Services

According to a study by Gartner, by 2030 , 80% of heritage banking firms that fail to adapt to digitalization will go out of business, become commoditized or exist only formally.  A report published in the Economic Times revealed that only 17 percent of banks have succeeded in digitally transforming at scale. The report also [...]

Managing Security in a Multi-Cloud World

About 85% of the companies globally operate in a multi-cloud environment and by 2021, 98% plan to use hybrid, multiple clouds. This brings to fore some latent challenges such as too many tools, too much data, few skilled resources, disparate environments, etc. Securing this fragmented IT environment requires costly migration and complex integrations. As a [...]

AMPLIFY PHARMA: Talking Atma Nirbhar

Response, Recover and Thrive have been around for a while. Not only as individuals we are strengthening ourselves for a new normal comeback, but the trend is across nations and industries. Pharmaceuticals is among one of those sectors in the throes of big change. With the start of Covid 19 to the day today, the [...]

Critical Workloads can now move to Public Cloud

Are you afraid of putting your Critical Workload on Public Cloud? Not Anymore! While most enterprises focused initially on migrating relatively simple applications and workloads, they can now migrate, modernize and build complex and mission-critical applications in the public cloud as well. Cloud can unleash your digital workforce and accelerate processes if you leverage the [...]

The Evolution of CX in the Pandemic

The world is seeing a reset across multiple fronts owing to Covid-19. In these unprecedented times, businesses have multiple challenges-- but the one challenge that keeps them most worried is – what is happening to their consumer? How can they serve them, deliver the promise they made in the BC era (before Covid), be there [...]

The Economic Times Workforce of the Future

Manage a Distributed Workforce in the Current Times The pandemic has brought forward a complete shift in the workplace strategy with remote working coming out as a new norm. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, less than 50% of companies had a remote work program. Banks, regulated industries, and many financial services companies did not encourage remote working, [...]

Drive Ecological & Economic Sustainability with IOT Connected Ecosystems

According to McKinsey, by 2025, the IoT's economic impact will be around $11.1 trillion. Historically, technology has evolved for the progress of humankind. However, due to the industrial revolutions, the world today is combating various hazardous issues such as CO2 emissions, severe air/water pollution, climate change that has compelled the businesses to seriously focus on [...]

Insightful conversations on Recovery from Zero Day Attack

Cyber-attacks have turned out to be the greatest foes of today's data-driven world. Post an attack, unable to recover critical data and resume business operations can be more devastating. According to a study, about 60% of IT decision makers lack confidence that they could reliably recover all business-critical data in the event of a cyber-attack.  [...]

Engines of Human Progress (high-level conversations on the impact of technology on human developments)

Over the decades, innovation and technology has massively transformed mankind and the society has gone through a massive digital transformation from pre industrial state to now, a post-industrial world. The 21st century has completely changed the canvas of how we live our lives. The rapid pace of technology has forced us to rewire conditioned ways [...]

It’s Not Remote work vs. Office work Anymore. The Future is Remote + Office work

Earlier this year, IT teams did a super-human job of rapidly enabling employees to work remotely during the pandemic. The stories were amazing – with some technologists standing up environments in weeks – or even a matter of days. Now, IT leaders realize that “back-to-office” isn’t “remote work in reverse.” The reason is WFH is [...]

Digitization of the Construction Industry

25th September 2020 | 12.00 PM – 01:00 PM IST Over the past decade we have seen a major shift of the Indian industry towards digitization and digitalization. Considering the outlook of the Construction Industry, the need of the hour is digital transformation. 66% of the construction companies in India are prioritizing DX allowing them [...]

The Economic Times presents ThinkNxt

25th September 2020 | 14.30 PM – 15:30 PM IST Are you worried about overhauling business and production processes to meet consumer demand and align your business to market dynamics? Are you concerned that the investment you are making might take longer to show returns? If yes, you are not alone. Several business leaders have [...]

Insightful conversations on Recovery from Zero Day Attack

Cyber-attacks have turned out to be the greatest foes of today's data-driven world. Post an attack, unable to recover critical data and resume business operations can be more devastating. According to a study, about 60% of IT decision makers lack confidence that they could reliably recover all business-critical data in the event of a cyber-attack.  [...]

The Economic Times Money Gurukul – Retirement planning

25th September 2020 | 04.00 PM – 05:30 PM IST If you look at our world - you will notice it is unpredictable. Before 2020, could you have imagined that a virus could shut down the whole world? It disrupted economies, impacted growth, caused countless businesses to permanently close down and sharply increased the unemployment [...]

Preparing for the Future with Secure Connected Digital Experience

Unprecedented change brings both new challenges and opportunities. The pace at which businesses are changing is unparalleled. However due to the continuous transformation organizations are looking forward to the solutions which are agile and seamless. Understanding your business vision becomes critical in such scenarios. So how do you leverage collaboration? When done right,  collaboration will [...]

Optimizing the value chain for evolving customer preferences through data & AI

The cycle of lockdowns, re-opening and the apprehension amongst consumers has adversely impacted the FMCG market landscape. Consumer habits have changed, perhaps forever. As consumption patterns shift from luxuries to necessities, discretionary to essential and offline to online, India’s consumer focused brands are facing challenges on multiple fronts. Consumer brands today are anxious to analyse [...]

Building Business Resiliency with Automation Anywhere

Building Business Resiliency, with Automation Anywhere Agenda 17:15 – 18:15 Building Business Resiliency: Automating the path for the Future Enterprise Discussion points Digital transformation enabled by enterprise wide automation Automation as an enabler of speed, scale, flexibility, M&As for Indian Conglomerates RPA crucial to integrating processes, systems, people across geographies – enabling organic and inorganic [...]

Aggregating Intelligent Automation with BFSI for Better Efficiency

When COVID struck this nation, many businesses had to evolve in a short span of time, BFSI is one them. This crisis has significantly impacted financial institutions across the globe, With the customer’s ease of paper-based transactions and the fast shift to WFH, banks need to accelerate their digital initiatives to enhance their top line [...]

Assess, Reduce & Manage Your Security Risk in Industry 4.0 Era

As businesses around the world become more global and enter the fourth industrial revolution, the volume and complexity of attacks continue to grow. Protecting a company in today’s environment has become more difficult. This is also because manufacturing is rapidly entering the fourth industrial revolution where the old, complex and formerly closed environments, solutions and [...]

CX-Trends to watch out in 2021

It’s no cakewalk to win customers for life. Especially, when there’s a fierce battle going on to be numero uno amid a gloomy environment. Customer expectations are skyrocketing, teams are overloaded with work, and every small misstep gets amplified on social media. According to a recent survey, about 56% of consumers switched to a competitor [...]

Leveraging Digital to build Safe and Productive Workspace in Current Times

In the current world of Covid 19, organizations across the globe need to establish and monitor improved health & safety measures to monitor workspace safety, however it’s important that these measures don’t hamper the organizational productivity and employee’s privacy. A possible COVID spread can happen in an organization, primarily due to the inability to trace [...]

Solving Data Challenges in BFSI

Data is our new golden asset and we are looking for ways to maximize our return on data. Data-driven insights are helping various businesses to accelerate their business operations. When it comes to the BFSI sector, unlocking the data power for better business outcomes is at the core. However, without a defined format content, processing [...]

Resuscitating Growth Engines via Technology

In this Covid-19 engulfed world, the world is in a deep recession. The economic fallout of this unprecedented event has impacted many businesses, unemployment rate has risen, and productivity has fallen. The questions remain—how to revive to pre-Covid crisis levels? How to revive the growth engines? How technology can be an enabler in getting back [...]

Reinventing the Contact Centre

Even in the best of times, customers are ready to abandon a brand after only three unsatisfactory support interactions. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing organizations to rethink and radically change their operations in real time. The disruption has led to increased pressure on contact centers to manage the dramatically increased demand, extensive and sustained orders [...]

Reimagining Cloud Analytics in the New Normal

Organizations today have become more data driven as they embark on digital transformations to accelerate time to value, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and deliver trusted insights. As businesses grow, they generate massive amounts of data every day. This data comes from different sources such as mobile phones, the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and various [...]

The Next Normal In Indian HealthCare

The pandemic has steadily started cracking the health care infrastructure in India. With weak systems it has become extremely difficult to battle the virus. The COVID -19 has been an eye opener to us conveying how important its is to reboot our healthcare system. To adapt to the new normal innovation is a must. The [...]

The Economic Times Supply Chain & Logistics Webinar

4 September 2020 | 4pm to 5:30pm IST The Coronavirus pandemic, which is oddly reminiscent of the Spanish Flu that struck India in the month of June in 1918, has left businesses reimagining ways to continue operations and spruce up activity as the country returns to normalcy. According to a report from rating agency Acuite, [...]

Personal finance during unprecedented Times

4th September 2020 | 11.30 AM – 01:00 PM IST During this unprecedented time of the Corona virus pandemic, financial concerns have become paramount amongst people, second only to health & life. In the financial markets, investors hate uncertainty. It is during the uncertain periods that pricing of assets becomes difficult, which negatively impacts the [...]

Solving India’s Protein Paradox

28 August 2020 | 5 pm to 6 pm ( IST ) Did you know the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recommends that an average adult should consume between 0.8 to 1g of protein per kg of body weight every day. However, as per the World Resources Institute estimates, an Indian adult is consuming [...]

Enabling Data-driven, Collaborative Healthcare in a Virtual World

Over 100 years ago, the world was hit by a deadliest flu, today again we are pushed at the same juncture, battling with the Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, we are armed with far better weapons today to fight the pandemic, thanks to technology. Digital adoption is transforming the healthcare system in a massive way. Starting from [...]

Future-proof your Cloud Journey – Cloud Assured, Cloud Secured

It’s no more a hidden truth now! Winning enterprises have embraced cloud as a key enabler for business transformation. And organizations with right migration, applications modernization and cloud management strategies are about 2X more successful in their digital transformation initiatives. Today, hybrid cloud is fuelling enterprise transformation and there’s been a fundamental shift in the [...]

The Economic Times UnWired Transformation in Banking

The depth and breadth of the COVID-19 pandemic has been unprecedented. Its impact is forcing banks and their corporate customers, both in the Asia, as well as worldwide, to come to terms with a new reality in the workplace. Alongside the shift towards remote working, the uncertainties and market turbulence triggered by the outbreak have [...]

Unboxing Customer Intelligence for a Wow Customer Experience

Are you confident to deliver the desired Customer Experience? Is there something amiss in your Customer Success journey mapping? Before drawing any conclusion, let’s introspect—are we considering all kinds of signals by customers in the digital world? Global events during 2020 have blown up the rulebook. While no one knows what a post-pandemic world will [...]

Rebooting Digital Transformation in BFSI

It’s been a long journey for BFSI Inc to understand and address their technological requirements in the past few years, however this Covid pandemic has given them new dimensions of complexities and learnings. The world is in the process of Unlocking and they are huge responsibility on Businesses to take us back to the Normal. [...]

Modernizing Data Lakes for AI while Reducing Costs

Organizations today have become more data driven as they embark on digital transformations to accelerate time to value, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and deliver trusted insights. The popularity of data lakes has given organizations the needed foundation to discover breakthrough insights. 80% of business leaders view AI as a strategic priority while only 19% of [...]

Critical Workloads can now move to Public Cloud

Are you afraid of putting your Critical Workload on Public Cloud? Not Anymore! While most enterprises focused initially on migrating relatively simple applications and workloads, they can now migrate, modernize and build complex and mission-critical applications in the public cloud as well. Cloud can unleash your digital workforce and accelerate processes if you leverage the [...]

Reinventing Digital Workplace 2.0

The world’s response to COVID-19 has led to a massive transformation in the workplace. With each passing day, the relationships between organization and customer, employer and employee are getting more and more digitized. Businesses are embracing digital ways of working to drive greater efficiency, safeguard business continuity and foster employee engagement virtually. Technology is no [...]

Anaplan presents The Economic Times CXO Roundtable

Current crisis has created a lot of challenges for organizations across industries and has compelled them to come up with new strategies. Aim of a company now is to control the cost to the company and yield maximum productivity from its resources like workforce. The pandemic has created chaos for many companies, as they are [...]

Fuel your Digital Transformation Journey with HPE Ezmeral

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation in various organizations. Businesses are increasingly evaluating a digital-first strategy—to compete and thrive amid the global pandemic. As a part of digital-first strategy, when it comes to edge-to-cloud strategy and vision of providing everything as a service, software is a very critical and important component [...]

Unleash the power of CDN Platform for faster & Secured Digital Experience

In the current fast changing world, every organization is looking for faster, secured and uninterrupted digital platforms for their employees and customers. Content Delivery Networks are taking centre-stage as they are a fundamental tool for creating positive digital experiences. Today customers have choices to access the content from PC to mobile and they expect a [...]

India is the world's second largest producer of food after China and has the potential of being the biggest, backed by its food and agricultural sector. The Indian food industry is poised for huge growth, increasing its contribution to world food trade every year. In India, the food sector has emerged as a high-growth and [...]

Path to Happiness: A Mythological Inspiration to Business Nirvana?

History has provided some great learnings over the period. We still take inspirations from our epic mythological wars and sacred texts to address our problems. But can it help in resolving our current business problems as well? Organizations have applied various management techniques to run the business efficiently. However not many organizations have applied the [...]

Simplifying & Making Buying Decisions in a Phy-gital World

COVID-19 has changed the way we buy, browse and transact in the physical world. Today, digital is the new normal. Many buying decisions which involve both selecting and buying in the physical world will need more digital touchpoints to maintain revenues and business for companies. Companies have had to turn on a dime to ensure [...]

Re-aligning Network Infrastructure: Enabling boundary-less Future Offices

Thankfully we have crossed the initial phase of Covid-19 impact, however the future ahead will be even more challenging as the pandemic will leave us with a changed world. Organizations need to be future ready to embrace these kinds of unconventional challenges. Organizations could get hit by even bigger pandemics in the future. Its not [...]

Empowering Customers with Container Strategy in Digital Transformation Journey

We are wading through one of the toughest times in human history with the outbreak of Covid-19. This pandemic is forcing us to restructure and migrate to new set ups. Many companies large or small are migrating to the cloud. Moving some part of the IT estate to containers, is now an important step towards [...]

Predictive Demand Planning and Forecasting

Does your organization struggle with loss of opportunities, stock outs, fall outs and wasted inventory? If yes, then it’s high time to evaluate advanced analytics that improves demand planning & forecasting accuracy. According to Gartner, about 73% of organizations see significantly improvement in forecasting accuracy with predictive or prescriptive analytics. In fact, modeling helps companies [...]

AMPLIFY PHARMA: Integrating Automation to Accelerate Financial Growth

Customer expectations and Safety has become the buzzword today for every stakeholder in the Pharma Industry. All are making their business processes and functions automated to fuel the financial growth. We see an increasing number of pharmaceutical firms and indeed, medical device companies – are partnering and integrating with technology businesses. Now the worry is [...]

Business Continuity with Optimized Data Management

Are you ready for Data Driven future post Covid 19 era? In today’s world organizations have choices of Public, Private, Multi and hybrid environment to manage their data. On one side it gives lot of opportunities to businesses to become more agile, flexible and responsive however on the other side it opens lot of challenges [...]

Restructure, Rebounce Leveraging Advanced Analytics

With the outbreak of Covid -19, we are wading through one of the toughest times in human history. Covid-19 is the worst pandemic the entire world's economies have ever seen. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, several countries across the world resorted to lockdowns to “flatten the curve” of the infection. Businesses were shut, ceasing almost all [...]

Unlock the untapped with IBM Watson Discovery

Did you know that, on an average, an employee spends between 20-30% of their time searching for answers in business documents? Traditional enterprise search and search engines don’t provide employees and customers with exact answers. They can’t understand the nuances of phrases and acronyms of your industry and accurately search through your complex documents in [...]

Reimagining Retail: How Brands Can Use Automation To Fuel Financial Growth

Retail sector is changing every second, with e-commerce platforms and new entrants in the markets with the worry how do the retailers stay relevant in front of consumers? The biggest challenge here is to meet the customer expectations. With the emergence of exponential technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, the sector is [...]

The entire world is gripped by the Covid-19 pandemic, the global supply chain is experiencing a level of disruption that has never been seen before. Some manufacturing companies have halted their production completely, while some have seen greatly reduced demand and others have seen a massive increase in demand. The global crisis has affected every [...]

By now, it’s immensely clear that our era will be defined by a fundamental schism: the period before Covid-19 and the new normal that will emerge in the post-viral era: the “next normal.” In this unprecedented new reality, we will witness a dramatic restructuring of the economic and social order in which business and society [...]

Unlock Power of AI for Intelligent Operations

In today’s era, AI is playing a fundamentally transformational role across every business and further each function within a business. From Employee Empowerment to Optimization of Business Operations, AI is taking centre-stage and defining entirely new ways of doing business. According to MIT Technology Review, about 81% organizations believe AI will have a positive impact [...]

Containerization in 2020 and the New Red hat Openshift 4.3

The current pandemic has turned 2020 into the year where companies large and small are migrating to the cloud.  Moving some part of the IT estate to containers, is now an important subset of a “move to cloud” strategy. According to an IBM study, improving response to market changes and achieving greater levels of innovation [...]

Changing Landscape of Financial Services WITH Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation (RPA+AI) is truly disrupting the financial sector with larger revenue growth and efficiencies attributable to their automated initiatives. To enable enterprise transformations, CFO’s across the industries are heavily investing in Automation technologies. The convergence of technology and cognitive science offers businesses with powerful new tools to challenge new business obstacles with more certainty. [...]

With more than 70,000 positive cases for COVID 19 and more than a month of lockdown has deeply impacted everybody’s personal and professional lives. These are crucial moments for us as the economy of the country is at risk. This has deeply affected the manufacturing segment, plants have been shut down, production of non-essential items [...]

The Economic Times Digital Payments 2.0 Virtual Summit

Reclaiming Economic Growth with Digital Payments17th June 2020 | 09:00 to 13:30 (IST) The COVID – 19 pandemics has led to unparalleled public concerns about viral transmission via cash. The number of internet searches pertaining to both “cash” and “virus” is at record highs. There is a huge increase in queries on the safety of [...]

Optimize Infrastructure and Workloads for Portability and Flexibility

Today, digital transformation is no longer an option for you, but is imperative for businesses around the world. To navigate through this time of uncertainties, crisis, and multiple risks, we need resilient models for living, working, and conducting business. Modernization, as an integral element of digital transformation, is first and foremost about improving the value [...]

Designing Cloud Strategies for Business Growth

In these unprecedented times, organizations are increasingly facing unforeseen disruption across every function.  Today, business continuity, cost control, flexibility, security--stand critical for every organization. In such a scenario, digital technologies have proved to be the saving grace and are helping businesses to be on the growth track. Amongst digital technologies, public cloud is offering a [...]

Securing Enterprise Applications using DevSecOps

DevOps has played a crucial role when it comes to an organization’s innovation and digital transformation strategies. However, of late, we have heard a lot about DevSecOps that simply connotes the significance of security in the software development life cycle. The DevSecOps approach creates a culture of “Security as Code” promoting collaboration between development engineers [...]

Repurpose your supply chain for resilience

Over the past several weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the vulnerabilities of a globalized supply chain across industries. Companies need to induce agility, adaptability and responsiveness in their supply chains and build capabilities to manage an ambiguous and ever evolving supplier ecosystem. How do you prepare for a vastly different never normal? Accenture, in [...]

The COVID-19 crisis is an unparalleled one in the history of mankind which caught the entire world by a great unpleasant surprise. The major challenge for the global economy is to sustain the Business Continuity amidst the lock down and social distancing. While some organisations were better prepared, some puzzled initially but eventually tackled it [...]

As businesses look to cope and come out on top of this economic crisis, which comes at a time of a global economic slowdown, experts have repeatedly advised leaders that technology will be one of the key enablers of any remodelling of business functions that they want to implement. However, India is still in the [...]

Accelerate Testing and development with Virtual Data Copies

Are time consuming cloning processes, storage-intensive difficulties and delay in releasing applications faster---hurdles for you? Organizational leaders need to release higher quality software more rapidly and more often to improve customer satisfaction and competitiveness. This requires thorough testing using production-like test data. Today, many organisations lack enough resources to meet that demand. Costly storage, compute [...]

Be Cloud ready: What is Everyone Doing for Cloud Data Protection?

You’ve got a lot riding on your cloud strategy. Applications, databases, files, hypervisors – the resources that run your organization. But have you thought of a right cloud data protection mechanism? Public, private, multi, hybrid—today’s environments open a world of possibilities to help your business become more agile, flexible and responsive. But at the same [...]

Why is integration so important to organizations on a Digital Transformation journey? Traditional approaches cannot cope with the volume and pace of business innovation and modern platforms, DevOps tooling and agile approaches have accelerated the rate at which organizations can bring new business functions to bare. Today, we find integration teams using traditional patterns, platforms [...]

Re-wire your Enterprise Network Post Covid-19

So, you have sailed through the hardest times. Your network/IT infrastructure has, somehow, withstood the Covid-19 impact.  From embracing changes to managing change, the Covid-19 situation has added more to the canvas of any organization than anyone ever expected. But what’s next? How are you visualizing things post Covid-19? Of course, resorting to traditional ways [...]

Alas! You are in a fix if your valuable data is not with you anymore! Absence of a robust data protection mechanism or backup solution may play havoc with your organization. Especially, when it comes to government organizations and agencies, the major concern is to maintain accurate data protection and recovery. As government organisations support [...]

Today, the life sciences industry is under tremendous pressure as they confront challenges such as stiff competition, price controls and quality expectations. Drug makers, biotech companies, biologics developers, medical device manufacturers, CROs and other FDA-regulated industries are compelled to increase the utilization and uptime of their assets constantly in order to drive the highest return [...]

An invisible enemy (COVID-19) is standing against us, compelling us to leverage technology and ward off any possible attacks. With the outbreak of COVID-19, containment efforts, like contact tracing, has emerged to be of utmost importance. It helps to isolate suspect and confirm cases, and to avoid or reduce community transmission. Contact tracing is vital [...]

Powering Finance in Health Care WITH Intelligent Automation

HEALTH being an important word at this hour of time, it becomes mandatory on our part to create safe environment for ourselves and people around us. With the experience of the health stakeholders in preparing response and mitigating the different health disasters like AIDS, Tuberculosis, COVID 19, Dengue, Malaria, and more, we can conclude that [...]

Organizations today are battling complex cyberattacks with ever expanding and complicated networks. The larger and complex networks are pushing technology leaders to improve the organization’s ability to rapidly detect and prioritize threats, improve network/security team operational efficiencies and better predict security risks to the business. According to a study--The annual Cost of a Data Breach [...]

The Economic Times Swasthya Sammelan 2020

Pandemics have plagued civilizations multiple times throughout human history causing significant social and economic cost to humanity. However, COVID-19 pandemic has affected billions of people globally bringing life to standstill. We understand that behind our current fight to save lives, there’s another crisis unfolding for governments who are stretching to get life-saving health supplies to [...]

In many of the enterprises today, content lives in department-specific siloes, on USB and/or network drives, and local hard drives. This leads to duplicity of content with no single source of truth. Content chaos occurs when we need to find the right content for the right channel across these content silos. Lack of content organization [...]

With the current crisis of COVID 19 pandemic, organizations are more conscious about losing access from their sensitive data and are more motivated to pay ransom. The dark side of the world is taking advantage of the situation which can be seen with the current trend of increasing ransomware attacks and offering ransomware as-a-service to [...]

The new normal virtual townhall

COVID-19 has changed our lives forever, it is a new world we are living. When we talk of re-entering the community or kick start normal functioning, we need to pause and understand what we have lost. Before setting goals and protocols to restart, we need to take a step back and reassess the loses that [...]

We’re now at both a delicate and dangerous phase in this pandemic, the country-wide lockdown has made it a mandate for many organizations to work remotely, creating challenges for businesses around the country. Many people will be experiencing a sustained period of remote working for the first time. The only thing growing faster than the [...]

As COVID-19 continues to interrupt normal course of business and it’s lasting impact is yet to be determined . In the battle of ‘survival’ and ‘succumb’in the post COVID era , organizations with strong digital foundation are in a comfortable position and would be out of the woods unscathed. The need arises to gauge the [...]

Cloud sans Compromise – Open & Secure Public Cloud for Business

The demand for enterprise cloud has been on migrating relatively simple applications and workloads to cloud infrastructure, using public cloud to test new technologies, and extending existing applications. And now? A growing need for agility and readily accessible data to quickly create new insights and customized features has shifted enterprise cloud focus from migrate and [...]

‘Restructuring’ is the new mantra for all businesses today. Hit by COVID-19, the talk-of-the-town is how to improvise services and find out new ways of working to stay competitive. When it come to online purchases, they have gained a lot of traction on account of COVID-19. In fact, about 93% of business-to-business buyers prefer to purchase online, with [...]

Data Governance in the Age of AI

Welcome to the Data World! A world, where nearly 15 petabytes-15 million gigabytes-of data are created every day from a variety of sources. Thanks to this data deluge which is pushing more and more organizations to architect their data governance plan.  All organizations need to have rock-solid strategies to collect, manage, handle and secure data. [...]

Business Continuity in Uncertain Times

Organizations today are struggling with their business continuity plans, sans the right workspace in place. Albeit, remote working is the new normal, businesses need to overcome a plethora of challenges to get the right workspace. The rapid growth of remote and mobile workers is placing pressure on IT to provide fast, easy access to corporate [...]

Mandates and Priorities in an Evolving E-commerce Landscape

Webinar Video We all are aware, by now, that the golden rules of commerce are undergoing a massive shift. Today, a modern consumer scouts for instant ways of gratification and wants everything at a click of a button. The numbers say it all, by 2021, the worldwide eCommerce sales are likely to exceed $4.9 trillion, [...]

The New Era of Secure Automation

Security remains the topmost concern for any organization today. From customer information to financial details and employee records—data privacy and security are at the top of leadership priorities. Perpetrators have an eye on all potential vulnerabilities, compelling leaders to be on toes to secure all layers of security.   With little to no guidelines in [...]

Yes You Can: Complex Workloads on Public cloud

In a time of unprecedented circumstances, organizations are facing unforeseen disruption across every function. Business continuity, cost control and flexibility are critical to deliver goods and services to your customers and stakeholders – requiring you to pivot business operations to best tackle new challenges, while still maintaining security and auditability in a challenging world. While [...]

Leveraging Experience Driven Commerce in Challenging Times

During these challenging times, businesses have to rapidly transform their digital experiences to cater to the shifts in customer demand, behaviour, and expectations. The impact of quarantining has propelled this into a hyperdrive, increasing online sales. Keeping the hyperconnected consumer engaged by presenting the right content at the right time throughout the customer journey is [...]

BCP during COVID-19

COVID-19 has compelled us to change the way we do things. In fact, remote working is gaining traction and is the new normal. A lot of brainstorming is taking place around business continuity plan (BCP). Many companies are activating BCP to get their staff to work from home. Whilst most companies are quite well-prepared, some may [...]


How to prepare today’s students for tomorrow? Chapter 1- April 7 | Chapter 2- April 23 | Chapter 3- May 7 We all would agree that the need of the hour today around the world is to prepare students for the modern economy. Students need to be empowered with career-relevant digital tools for creative and [...]

Adapt your IT/Network to New Normal Amid COVID-19

Webinar Video COVID-19 is pushing us for a change. The outbreak of the pandemic and the associated crisis are changing the way enterprises made their IT decisions. Enterprises might have executives taking stronger IT oversight role. But the new normal lies in perseverance, surviving, optimization and business continuity. From a network service perspective, enterprises might [...]

Work and Play, Together: Best Practices for Remote Working

Accelerated by COVID-19, remote working, once a rarity for a few, is quickly becoming a defining feature of our modern times. In fact, remote working is an enlightened way to work in its own right; learning how to manage a remote organization can create lasting benefits for your business—with the right tools. While big companies [...]

We are built for times like these – role of life insurance during uncertainties

At a time when a global pandemic has brought life to a standstill and affected almost every aspect of normal human activity: creating chaos in stock markets, crashing down interest rates, impacting GDP growth rates and economic activity on a global scale, we as a society are reminded of how unprepared we are in the face [...]