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Helping Customers Lead With Data

Connectivity is everywhere. Analytics are intelligent. Data growth is exploding at exponential levels, coming from new sources in entirely new ways. Cloud has forever changed the world around us, making innovation more accessible, escalating expectations. Digital transformation is happening, but it’s not moving fast enough. And now we face a new and unprecedented era of [...]

Enhancing Business Operations with Hyperautomation enabled Digital Transformation

True, technology lies at the heart of any digital transformation, but digital transformation is much more than that. “The biggest part of our digital transformation is changing the way we think,” Monique Shivananandan correctly noted. Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all elements of a business, fundamentally altering how you operate and [...]

Trust, Transparency and Transformation: General Counsel Leadership in the Modern Age of Disruption & Uncertainty

The role of the General Counsel has evolved significantly over the past decades, from a pure legal risk management function to a strategic advisor to the CEO and Board leadership. This cadence of constant transformation has only accelerated in this new decade, driven by the need to bring in revenue cycles, the uncertainty of a [...]

BeNext: From Just “Paper Currency” to “Motivational Currency”

Today most organisations thrive on innovation and preparing for the future of work. The current situation has accelerated years of digital development to meet the pressing demands of organisations working under drastic changes. Both the nature of work, and the tools we’re using to do it, are changing dramatically. Next-generation collaboration tools are removing the [...]

Driving Business Value of Storage

In the era of digital transformation, organizations of all sizes are challenged to meet higher performance, agility, availability, and scalability requirements while staying within strict budgetary constraints. Adapting to the demands of digital transformation is not a choice anymore, at least for the organizations moving towards data-centric business models. To best support the business on [...]

Cloud-enabled transformation in Banks and Insurance with a Hyper-growth Mindset

Pandemic-fuelled cloud adoption has forced the banking & Insurance industry to provide a hyper-personalized customer experience at scale. Consumers are increasingly demanding online transactions – voice commands, touchless digital payments, QR code scans, and so on – and banks are responding by accelerating their digital transformation initiatives. Leaders from these domains are now adopting a hyper-growth [...]

Driving Business Value of Storage

With data growing exponentially, enterprises handle massive amounts of business-critical data. They require storage systems that are highly scalable, offer unlimited connectivity & support multiple platforms. There are multiple approaches to data storage to choose from, including SANs, NAS, DAS and cloud storage. Newer approaches and technologies that are currently disrupting the market include hyperconverged [...]