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Leverage AI for Industry 4.0

We have witnessed some great leaps across industries in terms of technology, and the speed of change has not gone unnoticed. With manufacturing companies competing fiercely over identical products and customer demands changing drastically, smart manufacturing has become a must. While all of this has caused a number of challenges for the sector, it has [...]

Modernizing backup & ransomware protection with Veeam in AWS

A growing business has a lot of data to keep track of and protect from ransomware. According to an August 2021 IDC Survey, ransomware had struck one-third of all organizations. With the surge in ransomware attacks and the number of elements targeting organizations, Data Security has become crucial in maintaining credibility of organizations. With this [...]

Mobility Redefined – Technology enablers for the EV Ecosystem

As part of Paris agreement in 2015, India is committed to reduce the emission intensity of its gross domestic product (GHG emissions per unit GDP) by 33% - 35% over 2005 levels by 2030. In order to meet its global commitment and mitigate adverse impact of the automobiles (ballooning oil import expenses and increasing air pollution), [...]

Connected Operations – Industry 4.0 and impact across the value chain

Enterprise focus on moving to the cloud has been growing steadily in recent years as they understand the benefits a cloud-led strategy can deliver. Now, in the wake of the pandemic, this shift has accelerated. The increase in remote operations, emergence of a digital economy and evolution in the technology ecosystem and capabilities around cloud [...]

Driving Business Value of Storage

With data growing exponentially, enterprises handle massive amounts of business-critical data. They require storage systems that are highly scalable, offer unlimited connectivity & support multiple platforms. There are multiple approaches to data storage to choose from, including SANs, NAS, DAS and cloud storage. Newer approaches and technologies that are currently disrupting the market include hyperconverged [...]