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Driving Business Value of Storage

With data growing exponentially, enterprises handle massive amounts of business-critical data. They require storage systems that are highly scalable, offer unlimited connectivity & support multiple platforms. There are multiple approaches to data storage to choose from, including SANs, NAS, DAS and cloud storage. Newer approaches and technologies that are currently disrupting the market include hyperconverged [...]

Cloud-enabled transformation in Banks and Insurance with a Hyper-growth Mindset

Pandemic-fuelled cloud adoption has forced the banking & Insurance industry to provide a hyper-personalized customer experience at scale. Consumers are increasingly demanding online transactions – voice commands, touchless digital payments, QR code scans, and so on – and banks are responding by accelerating their digital transformation initiatives. Leaders from these domains are now adopting a [...]

Accelerating Digital Transformation in the ‘Next Normal’ Business Landscape

The pandemic has pushed organisations across the globe to move more quickly in transforming their businesses to meet a dynamic and uncertain operating environment. Increasingly, competitors, investors, and boards are also applying pressure to evolve. While the imperative to transform may be clear, the path is challenging. Management is pressed to prioritize digital solutions that [...]

Value Stream Platform – Driving Digitization with Agility

Software controls much of the world we live in, but huge corporate investments in the process of software development have been hugely disappointing. Those investments were supposed to increase productivity and operational efficiency, improve business agility and customer engagement and more. But as time goes on, dissatisfaction with the ROI from these investments grows. BCG [...]