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The evolving ecosystem landscape in Indian banks and how can fin-techs support them?

With massive adoption of technology across industries, the Indian banking sector is no exception and has witnessed drastic tech-led evolution in the past decade. New age banking has not only resorted to technology for the changing dynamics of the domain but has also focussed on to make banking user-friendly besides building on the technical aspects [...]

AI in HR: Unlocking Org-wide Agility, Productivity, & Superior Employee Experience

As technology continues to transform the world of work, HR and IT teams play a pivotal role in orchestrating this org-wide change through modern technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI). The use of AI has the potential to significantly improve the operational effectiveness, decision quality, and employee experiences at current day workplaces. HR leaders today are [...]

Transformation of businesses through CX in the age of Digital Disruption

"In this digital age, the customer experience is the future competitive battleground." Any organisation undergoing digital transformation must pay close attention to the customer experience. Customer experience is a great place to start for a digital transformation because it emphasises generating happy customers and will also address many inefficiencies that are already there. A customer's [...]