Women who have a career in tech leave due to company culture, while there are many reasons women abandon a career in technology.


Global level view shows that women in technology represent only about 23% jobs in the US, while in India, the percentage stands at around 25%.


The percentage of women chief information officers (CIOs) has remained stagnant at 14% since 2004.


The potential GDP opportunity comes from increasing women's participation in the labour force by 10 percentage points.

‘Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars’, and may be this is one of the reasons why women epitomize the power of love and patience, donning different hats in their day to day lives. They have not only outpaced men in showing their mettle in personal lives, but when it comes to professionalism, they have not left any stone unturned to prove their managerial and leadership prowess.

According to the US Department of Commerce, women have secured half of all jobs in the US, but there’s a grim reality which paints a gloomy picture of the female talent pipeline with respect to technology space.


Inaugural Address

Shaping a Sustainable Future with Digital


CEO Panel

Technological Innovation in the Era of Globalization


CIO Panel

Renegotiate & Replace Digital Transformation with Lens of innovation

CMO Panel

Curating Responsible AI Roadmap; Integrating AI Ethics—How?

Meet the ladies, who have broken the glass ceiling. Their tales are not confined to professionalism, but they narrate stories of their adversaries and how they have dealt with them.

Key Takeaways

Building a Sustainable, Equitable and Digital Future

Raising Digital Kids

Working women often face the dilemmas of raising their digital kids, which also means keeping the child away from unsolicited content. How to ensure your child is in a healthy learning and holistic environment?

Life Balance

The working women force is looking at AI as something which can reduce its burden, by doing jobs at fingertips. Can AI be our magic wand? Can it help in reducing burden by helping in household chores?

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