Renewable Energy Outlook – Shifting towards sustainable energy deployment a top priority for India


Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently inaugurated Asia’s largest solar power project which clearly emphasise the governments focus on the reforms towards a secure, affordable and sustainable energy system to power a robust economic growth. This presentation will elaborate on the government plans of expansion and the future scope of solar energy in India.

Saibaba Vutukuri, CEO – Vikram Solar

Tulsi Tanti, Chairman & Managing Director – Suzlon Group

It is easy to talk about the transition to renewable energy, by what means can India really make it a reality? Hear from thought leaders and enthusiasts who are betting on this transition and the ideas that will get them there.


Kanika Chawla, Director Centre for Energy Finance – Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)                


  • Gauri Singh, Deputy Director General – International Renewable Energy Agency
  • Sunil Jain, CEO & ED – Hero Future Energies
  • Ranjit Gupta, CEO – Azure Power
  • Rajat Seksaria, CEO (Solar Business) – ACME
  • Saibaba Vutukuri, CEO – Vikram Solar

Christopher Beaton, Senior Policy Advisor (India Program) – International Institute for Sustainable Development

Shaping a new reality – Global renewable energy outlook and the role in global institutions in supporting and advancing renewable energy development and scalability

Keisuke Sadamori, Director (Energy Markets & Security) – International Energy Agency (IEA)

Arunabha Ghosh, CEO – Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)
Sumant Sinha, Chairman & Managing Director – ReNew Power

If India must achieve its renewable energy targets the sector will have to undergo a fundamental transformation. This discussion will focus on the emerging technology trends that will make renewable energy self-optimizing while increasing their efficiency which will continue to improve price and performance


Disha Agarwal, Programme Lead – Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)


  • Amit Rane, Founder & MD – Wudmin Energy
  • Bernhard Telgmann, President of Technology – Suzlon Group
  • Pradeep Chandra Pant, Former Advisor – Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE)
  • Rashi Gupta, Managing Director – Vision Mechatronics
  • Vishwas Rajendra Moktali, General Manager (Solar, EV, Defense) – Medha Servo Drives

This presentation will cover the present Power Generation Mix in INDIA and Worldwide trends, Future RE Tech, concept of RPO (Renewable Portfolio Obligation) to be understood more than the Purchase Obligations and Targets to Mitigate Climate Change via Carbon Defrayment

Prof. A Gopalakrishnan Iyer, Founder President – Renewable Energy Promotion Association (REPA)

Large scale renewable energy projects – How can India’s economy benefit from manufacturing, constructing, owning and operating these facilities?

This discussion will bring together stakeholders from different spectrum of the renewable energy sector on evaluating the potentials for adoption and implementation of all forms of renewable energy in pursuit of sustainable development for economic growth and prosperity

 Suman Nag, Chief Revenue Officer – Vikram Solar


  • Ashish Swarup Agarwal, Founder Director – Renewable Energy Asset Excellence (ReAe)
  • Chiranjeev Saluja, Managing Director – Premier Energies
  • Kapil Maheshwari, CEO – Hinduja Renewables Energy
  • Kushagra Nandan, Co-Founder & President – SunSource Energy

Nikhil Sharma, Associate Centre for Energy Finance – Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)

India is well positioned to achieve renewable energy targets with the right investments in green technologies; enabling the country to transition to a fully sustainable energy system.

Rasika Athawale, Advisor – The Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)

End of Summit