Digital and Personalized Printing Revolution

Digital printing allows packagers far more latitude in personalization and customizing options than mechanical processes like typesetting did. By 2024, it is estimated the global digital printing packaging market will reach $28 billion. 70% of marketers believe personalization has a strong or extremely strong impact on their customers.

Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials

Technological advancement in packaging materials like Flexible, Zero waste, plant based alternatives makes them suitable to far more consumer products. Some features like easy to store, extended shelf life, less weight, improved cost and more help us to adopt them over others.

Smart Packaging and Augmented Reality

Evolving technological innovations are leading to AI, QR codes, RFID’s and more resulting in interactive and multimedia applications which are changing the trends among consumers for the products and packaging.

Evolution in E-Commerce Packaging

Ecommerce platforms are making sure they maintain the packaging of the product as strong and protective while simultaneously taking care of sustainability and environmental issues.


Think Packaging: Think Product, People and Planet

The ET Packaging virtual summit with the above theme is trying to gather the entire packaging value chain for indispensable discussion to connect and shape the future of packaging.

The programme will feature panels, one-to-one discussions, and keynotes, with disrupters, packaging industry experts, manufacturers, global brand owners, retailers, recyclers, government and NGOs debating at the platform. ET Packaging Summit will witness key stakeholder across organizations to reveal a holistic view of the challenges and enable cross-fertilization of knowledge.

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September 2020

What makes ET Packaging Virtual Summit Unique?

Why Attend

global packaging

Discovering the latest in global packaging solutions and technologies

Learn about consumer

Learn about consumer insights being tracked by different brands

marketing trends

Enhancing your understanding of global branding and marketing trends

Expanding your business

Expanding your business portfolio through utilising networking opportunities

Distinguishing your packaging

Distinguishing your packaging in a competitive and dynamic market


A platform to gather an overview of best practices being followed in the industry and to share the same