Why the Summit?

Post the unlocking of lockdown

Post the lockdown when companies try to grapple back to where they left off, the people are going to substitute all cash transactions with digital payments and transfers fearing transmission of virus through physical currency.

To add to this, banking institutions are embracing newer age technologies and many start-ups are already forming coalitions with NBFCs and Banks for new age digital payment and contactless solutions across a plethora of banking-related use cases.


What makes the Summit Unique?

This is evangelized as the first virtual FinTech summit that brings together all the key FinTech ready nations and the agenda is to get together the best powerbrokers in the banking and technology side from global and regional markets to come together and lay down the foundation and rules for the new age of digital banking in 2020.

This will be the first of its kind and we can also bring in FinTech counterparts from each country who have made a significant impact towards assisting contact-less payments or a new-age technology in 2020 and the scope of start-ups for BFSI awards for the first time can be extended to an international audience of eligible FinTech’s across Categories.

The summit will be the culmination of thought leaders’ views to bring about new strategies, quicken outlooks and drive the business into the next phase of advancements through innovations.

The culmination will start new techniques, quicken outlooks and drive the business into its next part of advancement.