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Indian Health Care

The Front-Line Warriors In The COVID-19 Battle

The Indian health care is at the epicenter of this global pandemic with numerous challenges to overcome but mainly work at delivering immediate medical support and treatment for the patients infected with the corona virus. India’s a densely populated nation however the doctor patient ratio and the nurse to patient ratio is extremely poor due to which work with limited resources has become extremely stimulating.

Things to Watch Out

A world class platform, one-to-one meetings with solution providers and the opportunity to network with your peers will arm you with the information you need. The summit will discuss key challenges being faced, advancement in the sector and the opportunities. The summit will include:


Focused tracks and round table discussions

Inclusive Session

Inclusive session that will enable and engage the audience through an interesting and thought-provoking group discussion to discuss the key issues in the industry and bring out their relevant solutions

Fire Side Chats

Engaging fire side chats

Who’s Who

Inputs from the top who’s who of the industry

Market Scope

The healthcare market share in India can increase to Rs 8.6trillion by 2022. Indian medical tourism market is growing at the rate of 18 per cent year on year and is expected to reach US$ 9 billion by 2020. There is a significant scope for enhancing healthcare services considering that healthcare spending as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is rising. The government’s expenditure on the health sector has grown to 1.4 per cent in FY18E from 1.2 per cent in FY14. The Government of India is planning to increase public health spending to 2.5 per cent of the country’s GDP by 2025.