Vertual Gathering25th June 2021

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The Economic Times Iconic Brands Summit

These Indian businesses have transcended to the Iconic status in their brand journey. Even if we grow old enough to forget some of our friends’ names, these are a few brands that will live with us forever – entertaining us, making us fall in love one advertisement.

The Economics Times Iconic Brands Summit – will cover the success stories of brands who have created a name for themselves and their organizations with their path breaking ideas.

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Key Discussion Points

Brewed To Perfection

Building Brand Legacy for The Age of Now

Brand Rewired

Connecting Branding, Creativity & Intellectual Property


Strategies To Develop Competitive & Sustainable Businesses
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Iconic Brands Summit

The 4th Edition of The Economic Times Iconic Brands 2021 will feature success stories from indigenous brands who have set an example to the world and will provide much needed inspiration for brand owners and custodians to take their story forward and also live up to the legacy respectively.

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