09.55 – 10.00 AM  Welcome Address from ET
10.00 –  10.05 AM Welcome Address

  • Vimi Grewal-Carr, Global Clients & Industries Leader, UK Vice Chair, Deloitte
10.10 – 10.20 AM Opening Keynote: How are GCCs working on sustainability in post-pandemic world?

Being one of the most integral and a spinal function part running large organizations, GCC’s have grown into becoming much more than a cost optimization system. In this session, we will have a Bird’s Eye View of How GCC’s are helping organizations thrive in the post pandemic word rooting for a sustainable future.

  • Siva Kumar Padmanabhan, Managing Director & Head of Global Technology Center, AstraZeneca India Pvt.
10.25 – 10.40 AM Keynote: Cyber Security: How real is the issue?

  • Sudiip K Goswami, Director & GM – South India & Start-Ups, Dell Technologies
10.45 – 11.40 AM Inaugural Panel Discussion: Role of GCCs in the evolution of global operating models

India, being one of the core global attractions for its GIC’s, providing the best of cost savings, technology, and talent, has encouraged organizations to move up in the ladder achieving excellence in global service delivery models.  In this session, panel leaders will deep dive into:

  • Story of GCC and GIC evolution – focusing the Indian context
  • Top aspects to look into in creating a seamless global service delivery model
  • The GCC goal for the next decade


Session Speakers:

  • Punit Sood, Head of International Hubs, Natwest Group
  • Vishal Parekh, Regional Head – India, Southeast Asia, Middle east & Russia, Thomson Reuters
  • Deepak Mangla, Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Centers – India & Philippines, Member Asia Management Committee, JP Morgan
  • Sanjay Dora, Country Operations Executive – Innovation and Capability Centres (ICCs) in India, Telstra
  • Suhas Pingat, Product Evangelist for Dell Precision Workstation, Dell Technologies

Session Moderator: Gaurav Gupta, Partner and Global Capability Centre Leader, Deloitte India

11.45 – 12.00 PM Leading Enterprise-wide transformations with 360° digitization amidst a hybrid workforce

  • Dean Salters, Group Executive, Global Business Services (GBS), Telstra
12.05 – 12.25 PM Fireside Chat: Latest trends driving transformation in the GCC Sector

In the drastically changing times and a 360* evolution in the digital transformation of the industry, we will discuss and spotlight on some of the core drivers of digital transformation in the GCC sector:

  • Innovation and Excellence
  • The strength of India’s technology and domain knowledge
  • Cost optimizations that work for most business models
  • Rapidly evolving ecosystems – keeping up with the world


Session Speakers:

  • Sangita Sharma, Head of Operations, Centre Director, GSC Bangalore & Head, Global Payments COE, HSBC
  • Gopakumar Subramonian, Senior Vice President, Delivery, Fiserv Global Services


Session Moderator:  Ravi Mehta, Partner, Deloitte India

12.30 – 12.45 PM How Salesforce is amplifying digital value for GCCs

  • Kamal Kanth, Regional Vice President, Salesforce India
12.50 – 13.40 PM Panel Discussion: Advancing technologies: A lever of competitiveness for businesses in India and globally

Global Capability Centers are acting like the change agent in today’s competitive landscape. This encourages us to focus on understanding the backend dynamics of office enablers that are changing rules of the game and capitalizing some of the fastest Emerging technologies like AI, ML, Block chain, and Analytics. In this session, we will discuss how it will create opportunities for GCCs to move forward in the post COVID Era and thrive in the extra competitive market.


Session Speakers:

  • Deshant Kalia, Managing Director GBS, PepsiCo
  • Chulanga Perera, Chief Transformation Officer & Head of Strategy, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles 
  • Sajid Ahmed, Executive Vice President Head of Technology, Wells Fargo India & Philippines
  • Aswin Lakshmanan, Director, Strategy & Planning, Verizon India
  • V. Padmanabhan, Senior Vice President – Engineering, GlobalLogic


Session Moderator:  Monojit Mazumdar, Partner, Deloitte India

13.45 – 14.00 PM Keynote: Role of GCCs in the evolution of global service delivery models

  • Rubal Sahni, Regional Director, ServiceNow
14.05 – 14.30 PM Leadership Chat: Pros and cons of hybrid working model 

In the last edition of the ET GCC Summit, we discussed how a phygital model of workplace is the need of the hour. In this session, we evaluate how this Hybrid work model works and terms focused on your organizational needs, helping you analyze the pros and cons of the same, focusing on today’s time needs.

  • Joseph Alexander, Global Employee Experience Director, Unilever
  • Nafisa Ojha, Managing Director and Country Manager, Colt


Session Moderator: Keerthi Kumar, Partner, Deloitte India

14.35 – 14.55 PM  Leadership Talk : Innovation from and at GICs

  • Prakash Bodla, Managing Director, Carrier Technologies India Ltd.
15.00 – 15.40 PM Panel Discussion: Importance of up-skilling and re-skilling of workforce to prepare for different roles

The need to unlearn what we just learnt is important now, more than ever. The impact of COVID 19 has brought up the basic need up skill and reskill if we aim to exist and then grow in these tough times. This need consists of growing individually, adapting the changes and also focus on the digital transformation with technology and innovation. In this session, we will discuss:

  • How to up skill and reskill yourself to cope up with the drastically changing times – converting the vulnerability into strength
  • Evolution of job roles across all levels and sectors
  • Focusing on Intelligence and Automation


Session Speakers:

  • Vikramjeet Singh, President & Chief Human Resource Officer, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
  • Gautam Gulati, Director, Schlumberger
  • Dimple Kaloya, Head of Human Resources, Global Service Centers India and Group Functions GSC HTCs, HSBC
  • Bimaljeet Singh Bhasin, President- Skills and Careers Business, NIIT


Session Moderator:  Anandorup Ghose, Partner, Deloitte India

15.45 – 16.00 PM Keynote: Cyber Resiliency framework for GCC’s

  • Harish Soni, Resiliency and Security Practice Leader, Kyndryl
16.05 – 16.20 PM Closing Keynote: GCCs helping businesses prepare for the future

Summarizing all the leadership discussions, we will recap the top learning takeaways and points to remember on how organizations and individuals can improvise in order to exist, inspire and succeed in these challenging times and how with a more efficient GCC, businesses can prepare for the volatile future.

  • Balaji Nuthalapadi, Managing Director and Head of Operations & Technology, Citi South Asia at Citi
Topic: How relevant is “going to cloud” for businesses and does hybrid cloud model make sense today

Organizations globally have adjusted course in recent months to navigate uncertainties, yet continue to have innovation and transformation as fundamental priorities. A recent report of NIIT (Hybrid Cloud Report) uncovers how organizations intend to utilize hybrid cloud to their advantage; to seek agility, enhanced security, better performance, and increased efficiency gains as part of their own agendas over the coming year.

Hence, we hear “going to cloud” as a war cry in Corporate India, no matter where you look. But what does it really mean – a public cloud, multiple clouds, a hybrid version of private and public cloud? And is it a panacea for agility, security, performance, and efficiency?

The question may have different answers from different vantage points.

In this Digital Round Table discussion, we will discuss how relevant is going to cloud for your business and does a hybrid cloud model make sense in today’s times.

Some of the key discussion area’s:

  • Pro’s and Con’s of a Hybrid Cloud model
  • Key challenges and how to identify them while going to cloud
  • Top use cases on the adaptation of hybrid cloud model

Panel Moderator:
Mr. Sudiip K Goswami, Director & GM – South India & Start-Ups, Dell Technologies

Panel Members:

Ms. Sreeja S, Director Cloud, Philips India Limited
Mr. Ashish Nanjiani, Senior Director Engineering, Rakuten
Mr. Badrinarayanan Jagannathan, Vice President – IT Applications, Juniper Networks
Mr. Ravikumar M, Vice President, Consulting, CGI
Mr. Amit Mitra, Executive Director, Broadridge
Mr. Krishna Chaitanya, Senior Director, Global DC and Cloud, AB InBev