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Samunnati (समुन्नति) stands for inclusive growth & collective prosperity for all.

Headquartered in Chennai, Samunnati is a specialised agri value chain enabler that provides innovative and customized financial and non-financial solutions exclusively for agri and allied activities.

Samunnati works with a belief that for a value chain to work well, all the chain actors need to have access to markets, customized advisory services and appropriate financial services – thereby making the value chains operate at a higher equilibrium. Samunnati currently works with over 350 FPOs with an outreach of over 1 million farmers.

Samunnati’s AMLA [Aggregation, Market Linkage and Advisory Services] Approach

As a change maker, Samunnati began its initiatives in 2014 and has adopted a holistic approach to address the needs of farmer producer organisations (FPOs). In addition to providing finance to FPOs, Samunnati has focused on the following elements to comprehensively support farmers and strengthen the FPO model:

> Enabling capacities of farmers, FPOs and promoters

> Establishing centres of excellence in agriculture & allied activities

> Empowering FPOs with Aggregation, Market Linkages and Advisory Services

> Enhancing productivity & income through customised solutions

Aggregation: Samunnati works with FPOs and its members in assisting them to establish agri input shops, increase collective bargaining power and collaborate with input suppliers to ensure bulk sourcing.

Market Linkage: Samunnati works with FPOs to establish links in local, regional and national markets. Increased technical & financial capacities of FPOs benefit members in getting a relatively better price for their produce. Infrastructure support helps FPOs to construct warehouses & establish processing units to get increased returns. Linkage of buyers & sellers (both offline and online) through a marketplace is a key solution.

Advisory Services: Samunnati works with FPOs and their promoters on subjects like: situation analysis, business planning, capacity building on compliance, financial literacy, convergence with government schemes, irrigation options, post-harvest management protocols and establishing centres of excellence in agri & allied activities.

Samunnati uses a comprehensive ‘FPO Engagement Strategy’ to understand the current situation of the FPO, determine appropriate outcomes, develop a plan to achieve those outcomes, and design the interventions (along the AMLA approach) to support the FPO in a timebound manner. Samunnati looks forward to building a long-term partnership with FPOs by offering customized solutions thus enabling them to operate at a higher equilibrium.

2nd Edition of Samunnati -The Economic Times -FPO Summit & Awards 2021

Stories of Stable & Sustainable growth for Farmers   Samunnati and The Economic Times understand that agriculture plays an important role in our country’s economic growth. We will be focusing on new policies and bills for farmers, different FPO models and try to see how it can be made sustainable. We will talk about innovative technologies which can support farmers in order to get maximum yield, providing financial solutions to farmers and arbitrators and creating robust supply chains for input and output.

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