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The last two decades of Indian agriculture have witnessed a paradoxical situation… On one hand, there are massive scale success stories and innovative agribusiness models… And on the other hand, natural resources are depleting, rural urban income gap is widening and farmers’ suicides continue unabated. A silver lining, nonetheless is that educated youth understand the potential of this sector and are engaging in farm ventures and agribusinesses… greater involvement of industry and institutions is opening new vistas for farmers.

Leveraging upon the strengths, progressive farmers have been instrumental in the transformation of Indian Agriculture… from a backyard activity to a multifaceted industry! This multi-tier realm involves millions of stakeholders who must logically connect to emulate the swiftly changing market dynamics.

Agriculture Today has been bridging the gaps since 1998!

India’s leading magazine, the ATGroup has been a vanguard in disseminating information, influencing policies, creating business networks and recognizing achievers. Unleashing the potential, the magazine brings contemporary issues of all sectors of the agrarian set-up under the spotlight.

Agriculture Today Group is creating seminarial platforms, round table sessions and panel discussions for excellence and wisdom to converge and converse. These deliberations facilitate rational and astute decision making across all echelons of the domain. Apart from the Agriculture Today monthly magazine, the group delivers daily through Agri News Network and Agri News Service with topical updates and news bulletins. With a comprehensive and pragmatic approach, AT Group tirelessly felicitates the role models of this colossal sector at Agriculture Leadership Awards every year.



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2nd Edition of Samunnati -The Economic Times -FPO Summit & Awards 2021

Stories of Stable & Sustainable growth for Farmers   Samunnati and The Economic Times understand that agriculture plays an important role in our country’s economic growth. We will be focusing on new policies and bills for farmers, different FPO models and try to see how it can be made sustainable. We will talk about innovative technologies which can support farmers in order to get maximum yield, providing financial solutions to farmers and arbitrators and creating robust supply chains for input and output.

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