FedEx ESG Leadership Dialogue

The United Nations has defined 17 sustainable development goals (SDG) to deal with the world’s major economic, social, and environmental challenges, which are universally applicable and scalable in context to gauge the impact of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies. Corporate leaders and governments across the globe are working to strengthen the ESG tools and incorporate sustainability into their strategies and policy. FedEx ESG Leadership Dialogue will focus on aspects of ESG creating value for corporates and other stakeholders, and how it can be meaningful to India’s realities and opportunities.

Key Discussion Points

ESG driving the next wave of business transformation

The imperative to incorporate ESG factors has been growing, with increased focus on the need for change to ensure a sustainable future. As businesses navigate changes brought in by globalization, technology, and society and consumer behavior, companies need to embrace ESG as a strategic business imperative to drive long-term value. ESG has the potential to revamp how successful organizations plan, implement, and operate.