An opportunity to learn from real life case studies.

Entrepreneurs and start-up founders in the tech space

Inspiring women working with technology giants

Extensive Networking Opportunities

Women today, with their sheer grit and determination, are spearheading almost every sector of the economy, be it financial services, education, retail, healthcare, and now are all set to rule the tech industry. Gone are the days when women in technology meant being great coders or testers alone. Women these days are unleashing their true potential and carving a niche in the tech arena by either bagging powerful positions in renowned technology companies or founding/ co-creating technology firms thereby revolutionizing the world.

Truly, it is incredible to see women navigating all odds and making a mark for themselves in the corporate arena!

Key Themes

  • Empowering Women for Inclusive Growth
  • Inspiring Resilience: Achieving Dreams Against All Odds
  • Thought Leaders Tech Discussion: Tech Led Women Leaders: Together Shaping a Better Tomorrow
  • Marketers’ Talk: New Marketing Strategies: Building Blocks for Shaping Customers’ Journey in the New Normal
  • Role of Inclusive Diversity at the Workplace
  • CXO’s Shot: Leveraging Digital Ecosystem for Accelerating Business Growth
  • Female Talent in STEM: Inspiring the Next Gen Women Leaders
  • Women as Global Change Agents: Redefining the World’s Perception

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Why Participate?

The Summit presents:


A unique opportunity to connect with leaders in the technology space from India and the world.


Meticulously curated agenda keeping in mind the interest areas of women leaders in the technology space


Key aspects around career growth, technology trends, and inspiring stories.


A platform to acquire skills to help you thrive through your tech career


An array of interactive panel discussions, conversations, fireside chats, and more.


An opportunity to learn from real life case studies and presentations


Extensive Networking Opportunities

Target Audience

  • Inspiring women working with technology giants
  • Tech influences and thought leaders
  • Women leaders working in the technology function of large and small companies
  • Educators in the tech arena
  • Entrepreneurs and start-up founders in the tech space

Why Partner?

The Summit presents an excellent opportunity for women leaders, and brands to:

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Fem-Tech: Inspiring Women Leaders in Technology