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Digital Workplace Virtual Summit

A world-class digital workplace is essential to staying relevant in an overly competitive marketplace. The summit brings to light the critical elements and practical challenges in building the workplace for efficient and productive working.

Our virtual Digital Workplace Summit will discuss in detail how recent times have led to a mindset change and how employees’ needs have evolved in recent times. Leaders in the industry will share specific experiences and hurdles in implementing Digital Workplace strategies to improve employee productivity and engagement.

The summit will discuss cutting-edge technology, innovations, and solutions for building a truly digital future-ready workplace.

The Economic Times Digital Workplace Summit is a one-day initiative designed to bring together business leaders across the world to share practical technology solutions, discuss hurdles and share experiences.


The event brings together powerful business leaders, industry veterans, and technology solution providers under one roof. The event aims to offer a platform for open discussion and brainstorming. 

Key Themes to be covered in the Summit

Digital workspace and engaged digital workforce as a unique competitive advantage

Enhancing the productivity of digital employees without micromanaging

Changing mindset paving way for remote working and digital nomadism

Providing a seamless and effective working experience to your digital workforce

Redefining the ways of working with technology

Strategies to secure remote workspaces

Networking guide in the virtual world

Digital workplace applications and innovations

Enabling workforce collaboration using technology

Role of leadership in digital workspace transformations

Learning and upskilling the workforce of the future

Compliances, making the digital workspaces future-ready

Mental well being of the digital workforce

Embracing a hybrid working model

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The Economic Times Digital Workplace Virtual Summit