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Digital Workplace Virtual Summit

The recent Covid 19 pandemic has shifted the way organizations work. Building an inclusive and cohesive workplace gains a top priority as businesses maneuver the unchartered territories and embrace the new normal. 


With government regulations easing out and economies opening up, many organizations are struggling to find their workplace balance. Many companies are still fully remote while others are embracing a hybrid workplace model. Some employers might allow hybrid workplace setup in the future, others are gearing up to call their workforce back to their premises. The workplace decisions made today could deeply impact the business in the long run.

Leaders today need to make informed decisions around building a digital-ready business. Digital workplaces play a crucial role in the business continuum, employee engagement, and sparking innovation. The digital way of working is gaining widespread acceptance across industries. Progressive business leaders must build resilient digital workplaces designed to meet the requirements of the future, NOW! 

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Research suggests a truly digital workplace environment leads to effective and efficient ways of working. Make the right move. Register directly via the website, or get in touch with us through email.

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The Digital Platform lets you create your own personal agenda. You can attend live sessions, take part in open networking sessions, ask questions from speakers or take a break whenever suits you. Seamlessly hop between learning and networking at any time. Look through the program and slot sessions directly into your calendar, to help fit the conference around the day job. All of this from the comfort of your own home.

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The Economic Times Digital Workplace Virtual Summit