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The Economic Times

Data Center Virtual Summit

The Covid-19 pandemic compelled several organisations to relocate their employees that led to an increasing number of companies investing in IT services.  The digital transformation that was predicted to occur throughout this decade arrived in just over a year. With this disruption and digital adoption business ecosystems witnessed an explosion of data leading to a sudden surge in the demand for data centers. The constantly rising digital transaction adoption, upcoming 5G technology, edge computing, adoption of IoT and smart devices, expanding scope for automation and potential for massive data generation by practically all sectors will further accelerate the growth of data centers.

Today, data centers are concerned with more than just space, time and availability – they also encompass security, sustainability, efficiency, innovation and dependability for all stakeholders which include customers and communities. There has never been a more critical time for the industry to come together to discuss the future of data centers that can ensure the management of your data in a smart, secure and sustainable way.

As the Indian data center market heads for a big boom over the next five years it is important to discuss and foresee where we are heading to, what businesses are demanding, the infrastructure needed to meet these demands. Join us at The Economic Times Data Center Virtual Summit, where we will bring together industry stakeholders, policymakers, regulators and service providers to understand the industry demands, bridge the gaps along with provide solutions for a sustainable and smarter future.