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Cutting Chai Stories

The urgency and pressure on CxOs and tech leaders as they navigate the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been immense. The coronavirus pandemic has been an epic test of character and determination for millions of people around the world, McKinsey says. In the business context, CEOs have had to cope with extraordinary demands: for them the pandemic has been an ultimate leadership test.

They have been constantly monitoring myriad ways to ensure that their respective companies stay on course in the “new normal.”

The incredible demands placed on these people makes us often wonder, how they have time for family, hobbies or any personal downtime. And let’s not forget that they are mere mortals.

ET Edge Cutting Chai Stories

As professionals we embark on unknown journeys

The Cutting Chai Conversations/ChaiTalks with CxOs – a series of videos over tea as we converse about their lives, hobbies, interests and various other engaging topics.

The whole idea of this conversation is to get a sense of what CxOs of several prominent companies like to do when they are not in CxO-mode. The initiative is aimed to create a different and deeper connection with them. You get the idea.


Cutting Chai Conversations

The leaders play a pivotal role in the wider organization. But to nurture that broader perspective they need to step outside their world and seek inspiration elsewhere – sometimes in unlikely places.

In our conversation we will explore the CxOs love for paintings, photography, people, books, music etc. along with their formative years, career and interesting insights into leadership and people management.

We will converse on each or one of their passions, some key turning points in their lives – personal and professional, their views on success, work life balance etc.

We will bring up topics that are likely to generate a connection with CxOs.

Where do they live? Where are they from? Where did they go to school? Hobbies? Lessons learnt in real life from movie/s? What do they do on a weekend? There are dozens of simple questions that will get people talking about something that interests them.

The key to such conversations will be to cover every critical aspect of these CxOs – from their Education to Grooming, Training, Business Sense, Skills Augmentation to Work-Life Balance.


ET Edge Cutting Chai Stories

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