Connected Planning for a Connected World

Join us at The Economic Times Business Transformation Summit that is a one-stop destination for understanding the importance of business intelligence and solving all the challenges pertaining to unifying business processes for future resilience. The one-day summit would help each function of an organization to break silos and take a deep dive into connected world structure with the help of business intelligence and data analytics.

The Connected World

We live in a connected world. Certainly today, with cell phones, the Internet and Facebook, you might say people are more connected with each other than ever. And in this increasingly connected world information flows between us and the organizations and companies we deal with every day mostly via the Internet. Historically that information was stored in filing cabinets but, today, most of it is stored on computers or servers. With the evolution of how we store, access and read data, there is a case to be made for business intelligence. By understanding the broad landscape of the connected world, business and technology leaders can ready their firm for the implications — positive and negative — of asset control, business model change, and deeper data-driven customer engagement.



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