The Consumer Show

The Economic Times brings an exclusive virtual consumer show which will be a large-scale showcase of precious metals, diamonds, prototypes of designs and inventions designed to attract attention of new buyers and legacy customers. An amalgamation of conversations and eccentric expo to engage potential consumers to enhance their experience on jewelry buying from the comfort of their homes, the BJewelled Consumer Show will be a unique experience for everyone looking to invest or know more about everything precious in the world of metals.

Live Interactions

Online Jewelry

In discussion: Online Jewelry – The New Normal!

Industry is changing gears and making paradigm shift using digital platforms which directly connects them to the end consumer. With emergence of interactive technology, the jewelry buying experience is set to change remarkably. Consumers, young and old are exploring options of buying jewelry online. Brands have now explored various channels to reach out the them at their convenience and its working out! Can a traditionally touch and feel experience be replaced by everything digital!

Talk Points:

  • Personalized service – Waiting at the store Vs Browsing options at your convenience
  • 3 Reasons why millennials are feeling more confident buying jewelry online
  • 3D Trial Technology – How it enhances the buying experience
  • Is Online Jewelry More Affordable?

Celebrity Jewel Designer

Live Interactive Session with Celebrity Jewel Designer

Talk Points:

  • Jewelry, a work of art, a piece of adornment, or a fashion accessory?
  • Handmade or Machine Made…What’s best for you?
  • Megatrends in Jewelry Designs – Personal Color Palettes for every consumer


A rediscovery of traditions

Belief in Gem powers has survived for nearly 5000 years in the tradition of the birthstone. The concept of linking birth dates with particular gems and attributing to those stones the ability to influence the wearer’s fate, is the oldest jewelry tradition. Because Gemstones are created by nature, we humans have felt a primal link to their energy. India is of course one of the oldest cultures which cultivated the idea that gems harbor magical powers and virtues linked to moon, sun and the planet.

 Talk Points:

  • Chakras, Auras and Inner Strengths – What can gemstones do for you
  • From traditional customers to the modern buyer – A balance of fashion and meaningful statement!

Glitters is Paper

Flash Presentation – All that Glitters is Paper!

If you are looking for gold as an investment option, then gold mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, sovereign bonds might be a good option.

  • All you need to know about Investments, Interest Rates and Taxation