Why this course:

We spend on an average 4 hours a day reading something. (books, reports, emails, social media etc). But most people read at a very slow speed and are frustrated as they are not able to finish everything they need to read. With right mindset and techniques, you can train your mind to read to faster with better understanding. This course is for you, if you have any of the following challenges:

  • You read slowly
  • You don’t remember what you read.
  • Your mind wanders while reading. Your concentration isn’t great while reading.
  • You have a lot of emails and reports to read but are not able to finish all of them.
  • You want to read lot of books. You buy them but not finish the books.
  • You don’t know how to find time in your busy life to read books.

During the workshop, I will share with you techniques to overcome the above challenges.

Take Away from the course

  • Biggest takeaway from the workshop is participants will learn the techniques to double their reading speed with better understanding and concentration.


  • Participants need not have any prior knowledge about speed reading. We will start from basics.
  • During the workshop, we will be practicing the techniques. So you must carry one or two books they haven’t read before.

Training Type:



The following content will be covered during the workshop.

  1. What is your reading speed? How to calculate your reading speed?
  2. Myths, misconceptions of reading and what are the facts.
  3. Good and Bad reading habits and how to overcome your bad reading habits.
  4. Techniques to double or even triple your Reading Speed.
  5. Biggest mistake every reader makes. This lesson will change the way yolook at reading for ever.
  6. Right state for reading a book.
  7. How to read with a laser-like focus

Who can attend the course:

  • Professionals like CA, CS, Lawyers, HR Etc
  • Students preparing for professional exams and competitive exams
  • Students above the age of 12
  • Who enjoy reading books

About Trainer:

Srinivas Vakati is the founder of Expert Learners Academy, a company specializing in enhancing learning skills, including reading, Note taking and Memory development. He is the developer of: Expert Reading System – A complete reading system which gives you step by step approach to reading any book. With this system, you can read faster, understand the text better, and recall the text. He is a voracious reader and can read a book in a few hours. He reads at least one book per week. Having trained himself to read faster and strategically has helped him to read over 3000 books in the last 14 years. Learning about philosophy and techniques of “how to learn” has helped him to become an above-average student from a below-average student. He is a commerce graduate and completed Chartered Accountancy course (India) at the age of 21. He has trained over 9000 people in the skill of speed reading in over 30 countries.

₹ 3,000/-

This course includes :

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